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Hunt Hints

Hello Hunters,

Below you find the stops in the Made in Holland Hunt. Hope you will enjoy it. Some Vendors have separate female and male gifts, lots of stores have unisex gifts. That makes this hunt a hunt that is interesting for male and female hunters. If you get stuck during the hunt you can always join our MelNaKa Events Group and ask for help. If there is nobody online in the group to help you right away, you can skip a store by clicking the number infront of the next store inline and you can come back later.

#001 See Hintgiver at the shop.

#002 Hay – find me !!!

#003 The lion is where it is meant to be…..

#004 Grab a midnight snack.

#005 You can`t connect the dots looking forwards; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

#006 Information Super HIghway.

#007 It is well illuminated by a lamp.

#008 Ever seen an orange “APPLE”?

#009 GACHA!!

#010 I am nestled in the “F’s”.

#011 This wouldn’t fit in any ordinary oven.

#012 Take the stairs and you’ll feel right at home.

#013 Far away across the waters, On a tiny land, The orange lion hides Inside a giant hand.

#014 Meet a piece of meat!

#015 Throw a ball! (Adult Sim)

#016 Is Holland close to Russia?

#017 They’re So Cute.

#018 Your reflection is superb, but don’t look only at yourself.

#019 Tiptoe through the tulips.

#020 I’m a Artist.

#021 I’ll ride this one since he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

#022 Non-Mesh gift: Find the Noa White growling like a lion at you!  / Mesh gift: Lions can be such a menace.

#023 Holland is known as the largest flower shop in the world. If you find the flower,you know where the prize will be.

#024 Heartwarming.

#025 Hang out with a cool group.

#026 Male Gift: Where did Harry Potter live. / Female Gift: Gift What goes up comes down.

#027 Holland is below sea level, but this wondrous prize is very high… not far from where you stand, look up… and up some more.

#028 Search for the shining star.

#029 Male Gift: I can drink it while i eat Gouda. / Female Gift: If you touch my soufflé i will burn you with that.

#030 The word Diablito means Weinig Duivel in Dutch.

#031 Male Gift: Accessories like bags and glasses bring you joy ! / Female Gift: Faces on dresses are the new trend !

#032 Holland Lions rest UP where the Sexy Flowers Grow.

#033 It may sound Double Dutch but you can find the prize at TTEKNUP.

#034 Out of the hunt, please go to #035.

#035 Hey! I’m a Lion not a Tiger!

#036 Don’t you just love Tulips?

#037 When you walk he dog they look for this.

#038 Search Downstairs Bullet Store.

#039 Behind some red fabric.

#040 To find me look for a Mother.

#041 Under the tree is the orange fruit.

#042 A sign that warns you to behave, A sign that warns you to be good. A sign that warns you not cheat. Find the sign, find sign, the hunt to complete.

#043 Here is blinking a mustache.

#044 Please read the Instruction above the hunt poster and click on the book and trunk in front of the poster for your hints.

#045 ” Get confortable at the cosmetician “

#046 “Shiny , Blue and Pointy”

#047 Out of the hunt, please go to #048.

#048 Holland has a lot of waterfront.

#049 My brother is BLACK.

#050 Plenty of ants in the sun.

#051 I Need some information.

#052 Where you go up you also have to go down.

#053 “The world you painted was new – The colors were so alive – Took a lie and made it true – A final touch and then right into the painting you dive ” (Blindside: Painting)

#054 I gacha somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

#055 Red white and blue makes our flag, find the 3 colours on a row.

#056 “Have a Bohemian adventure while biking through Amsterdam.”

#057 See hint giver in store.

#058 Together with the other FLAGS.

#059 You may rest here and smell the flowers.

#060 It is next to the lady with that tied shirt.

#061 Had to drop out at the last moment, please go to #063.

#062 Had to drop out, please go to #063.

#063 Who is up for a Party ??? or are you feeling a little blue :(

#064 Let’s go play in the fountain. (Adult Sim)

#065 Under falling leaves you will find me.

#066 Look closely, hunt items can blend in with pictures and signs !!

#067 Search the elflands…

#068 Hup Holland.

#069 Things are old in the south but up here they are new!

#070 Ouch..ouch..that’s sharp!

#071 Is this my final resting place. (Adult Sim)

#072 I’m a two star Melnaka vendor.


#074 Made in Holland? Now what would you like? A Windmill, or flowers? Perhaps even a bike? We’ve none of those. But don’t take a hike. Go up the stairs to find.
A THREE WHEELER Trike (Adult Sim)

#075 Out of the hunt, please go to #076.

#076 Yeah a lot more stuff from Holland here.

#077 Out of the hunt, please go to #078.

#078 What a lucky lion I am!

#079 Listen to your Heart.

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