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Made in Holland Hunt

Far far away in a country called Holland lives an orange lion. He is the mascot of this tiny little piece of land in the west of Europe. This piece of land is officially called The Netherlands and to make it just a little bit more complicated, her citizens are not called Netherlanders but are called The Dutch.

The orange lion sometimes is a bit overwhelmed by The Dutch, because they are known as the tallest people in the world and their pronunciation of the letter ‘g’ sounds a bit scary. But they make up for it when they feed him their nicest cheese or bitterballen (fried little balls made of meat ragout with a crispy crust). Off course all this food makes thirsty, so you drink the world-wide known beer called ‘Heineken’. In order to prevent the lion of becoming too chubby he has to exercise every day. He doesn’t go to the gym, but he does it the Dutch way, he has to leap over ditches with a stick or rides his bicycle. And thats a though cooky, because it is hard to cycle when you are wearing the typical Dutch wooden shoes and the costumes. But hey, at least you get rewarded with nice sceneries of flower fields and you will also see lots of windmills, sheep and cows. There are no mountains by the way. Instead they have embankments to protect the land from the ocean, because big parts of Holland are situated below sea level. And when the lion comes home, tired of all the exercising he goes to bed and dreams about Maxima, the Queen of Holland, waving at her with the red, white and blue national flag .

You will be looking for this:








To see the vendors in this hunt, the timeline, the hunt hints or the hunt pictures, please click below.


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