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Hunt Hints

Hello Hunters,

Below you find the stops in the Winter Fantasy Hunt. Hope you will enjoy it. Some Vendors have separate female and male gifts, lots of stores have unisex gifts. That makes this hunt a hunt that is interesting for male and female hunters. If you get stuck during the hunt you can always join our MelNaKa Events Group and ask for help. If there is nobody online in the group to help you right away, you can skip a store by clicking the number infront of the next store inline and you can come back later.

#001 It’s the time of the year, check my calender !

#002 Every Snowman needs a Snowflake!

#003 Looking at the delivery terminal…..

#004 See hint giver at the landing point.

#005 Time to give cold weather the BOOT!

#006 Winter is cold,you should wear Rollkragen (turtleneck).

#007 Oh, is it already Christmas?

#008 Mmmmm…Do I smell cookies?

#009 It’s cold outside! (Adult Sim)

#010 We have 19 rugs on the floor of main village home; hidden on one of them is our special Winter Fantasy Door.

#011 Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree. Hides a holiday gift for thee.

#012 To find me Look through the Window to the soul.

#013 Rocking around the Christmas tree.

#014 It is a little of this and a little of that, and it makes me blue.

#015 Just a few steps away from the entrance and then inspect one of the column.

#016 Makes a nice wall decal.

#017 UP the stairs and you see boards, in one of them i am there.

#018 I know why the caged bird sings – by Maya Angelou.

#019 Check out Cinderella’s Coach. (Separate male and female gift, so two snowflakes are hidden at this spot).

#020 Somewhere around “Love is all you need” and the “Eiffel Tower” (Adult Sim)

#021 Above the door the snowflake so gently rests.

#022 Behind the Passage.

#023 You can frind me under the Green Christmas Tree.

#024 A shining star in a frozen lake.

#025 Out of the hunt, please go to #026.

#026 I think its a good day for a bit of relaxing.

#027 Freezing cold here by the window! (Adult Sim)

#028 This Winter Damsel IS distressed!

#029 Out of the hunt, please go to #030.

#030 Garden ,look what white near 2 big bird . I hide high of 3 meter from ground.

#031 Don’t be afraid to go in the attic.

#032 Watch for snowflakes falling on you as you sleep.

#033 It’s christmas^^.

#034 Search the Dryad Tree.

#035 “Beautiful snowflakes & ice”

#036 Frosty’s snowball

#037 “I think I get dizzy watching the train going round’n round”

#038 All I see is little dots, some are smeared and some are spots.

#039 Pick up your gift under this curly tree!

#040 Search for a head in stone.

#041 I love winter!

#042 Pose over there by that Rock, I’ll take your picture.

#043 Men gift : ooo a santa!!!.  Woman gift: again?Spam at local chat ??!!!

#044 You know that the boxes with gifts can grow like a tree? snowflake fell right on it.

#045 Stairs go UP as well as DOWN.

#046 O, Christmas tree! O, Christmas tree! How I love thee, Christmas tree.

#047 Out of the hunt, please go to #048.

#048 If I was a bird, this is where I would take a bath.

#049 Have a seat and check out what we have in store.

#050 Look for the fairy queen.

#051 No hint needed.

#052 You would find these at amusement parks.

#053 “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

#054 “Sometimes in Winter – Forgotten memories – Remember you behind the trees – With leaves that cried” (Blood sweat tears: Sometimes in winter)

#055 It can be a nice to see the backside of a log cabin.

#056 Some may say ROMANCE, Is going out of fashion. But that’s just a fantasy, There’s still lots of PASSION (Adult Sim)

#057 Do u like my wings?

#058 It’s my “mission” in life to hide the prize, so you can seek!

#059 Come back to Jamaica.

#060 Have A Nice Trip.

#061 Go down and visit my Winter Wonderland ! The lonely wolf needs your company !

#062 I’m going fishing!

#063 How cold it is! It feels like winter itself is coming through the window.

#064 Marriage should be 50/50.

#065 For the Christmas Party to begin you have to join in the fun!

#066 I love Group gifts.

#067 I’d rather have a Charlie-in-the-Box! (Adult Sim)

#068 A hand that can make someone else smile as well!

#069 It’s too cold for a picnic.

#070 You will find me where the water runs.

#071 A sweet whisper by Maude: use your imagination. Look behind my closed eyes.

#072 White and blue, snow and ice, it’s pretty here, quiet and nice.

#073 ” Rocking Around the Christmas Tree “

#074 No waiting in line at this Checkout.

#075 Baby it’s cold outside, better put a sweater on!

#076 Search on the ground floor in the living shoes.

#077 Hop in the walnut boat and ride! (Adult Sim)

#078 I long for you from a corner.

#079 Ro!Act Designs

#080 This snowflake looks great behind a fresh blue sky!

#081 Visions of Sugarplums.

#082 The Hunt Hints will tell of where the gift fell.

#083 Gangster has stolen your price.

#084 U will feel warm in a good fur jacket.

#085 Dat snowflake makes for a great HIP tat!

#086 Look near the entrance.

#087 Oh Tanambaum! Oh Tanambaum! (Adult Sim)

#088 Dance, just dance under the snow.

#089 A small snowflake fell between nail polish bottles.

#090 Out of the hunt, please go to #092.

#091 Out of the hunt, please go to #092.

#092 The cold wind comes from the south bringing winters icy touch. Your one hope is to find the Siren of the North as she hides that which you look for.  (Adult Sim)

#093 I read so much!

#094 Columns are so nice especially if I can hide a small treasure behind one of them.

#095  Sigh.. I’m waiting and waiting and waitng. Hope he shows up this year.

#096 “I am among the cupcakes in a relaxing place”

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