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The Romantic Nights Hunt has Started


We want to let you know that the Romantic Nights Hunt has Started. You will be looking for little blue hearts and there are 131 stops in this hunt.

As usual first days of a hunt are a little chaotic, because not all the stores are ready. So we organizers are doing our best to tackle every problem and get everything and everyone ready.

Please use our hintpage on this blog  to see which stores to skip for now and off course the hints. If you want to look what kind of gifts you can find in the hunt, please see This page.

Also don’t forget to pick up our huntmagazine at the starting point of the hunt. And if you need some help along the way, please join our inworld MelNaKa Events Group.

Happy hunting everyone :)


4 thoughts on “The Romantic Nights Hunt has Started

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  3. how do you hunt when there are no LMs to start with? The board at the Cookie Jar House only gives the link for those who are applying.

    • Hello Essence,

      I don’t know what you mean by the cookie Jar House. But the starting point of the hunt you can easely find in the text above just by clicking on the starting point in it. If you find the first item, this will contain the landmark tot the next stop in the hunt and the second item will give the landmark to the third stop etc.

      And you can also use the hintpage on this blog. Clicking on the numbers in front of the hint will gife out landmarks as well.

      Enough opportunaties to get landmarks in this hunt i think 🙂

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