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Vendors Choice Hunt

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Always wanted to organize your own hunt, but never have the time or energy to do so. Than maybe this is your chance. We invite all vendors in SL to come up with a name for and huntposter for our next hunt (starting June 1st) and we will do the organization. For the name and poster we only have a few guidelines:

  • The hunt must be suitable for all ages.
  • The hunt must be suitable for all types of stores.
  • The hunt must be suitable for male and female avatars.
  • The poster must contain the name of the hunt and the beginning and end date of the hunt June 1 – 30.
  • The size of the poster texture must be 512×512 and fullperm.
  • Posters or/and hunt names referring directly to your store are not allowed.

From all the entries we will pick out a winner on March 30th. The winner will be rewarded with a free advertisement in our huntmagazine, the spot 2 in the hunt and has the opportunity to send out an advertisement in our huntgroup.

Please fill out all information below and send it through notecard to Melody Ballinger or Najara Fall before March 29th.

Your name:

Store Name:

Name for the hunt:

Full Perm. Huntposter:

We can hardly wait to see what you all come up with and hope to receive a lot of ideas !!

Melody Ballinger and Najara Fall
MelNaKa Events


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