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Application for the Winter Fantasy Hunt

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Winter Fantasy Hunt Poster ok

Hunt Dates: December 15 – January 15

Application deadline: December 1st (applications sent in after this date will be reserved as backup)
Max Stores: 150
Hunt Order: Random
Vendor & Hunters Group: MelNaKa Events
Start Location: EED Home&Garden

Imagine yourself on the run for an evil witch. It is winter, snow keeps falling and it’s a struggle to keep on running. Your leopard pet has helped you, he guided you through the woods. Now you find yourself surrounded by ruins, lots of dark creepy ruins. You are getting tired, hungry and cold…………Oh no you’re lost……..will you survive or is the evil witch going to find you?

MelNaKa Events is presenting the Winter Fantasy Hunt. Let the short story inspire you or make up your own story and translate your winter imaginations in a gift.


Please fill out all information and send the completed application to Melody Ballinger, or or fill out the Application Form on this website..

Store Name:

Main Contact:

Second Contact (not mandatory):

Store Landmark:

Store SLURL:

Region Rating (General, Moderate, Adult):
My gift will be for:
___ women only
___ men only
___ both or unisex

During the Winter Fantasy Hunt we have 15 slots available for sponsors. More information about the sponsor slots and applying for a slot you can find HERE


* There is no restrictions to what type of gift you want to give, however , NO Resellers, (BIAB) Business In A Box, and/or Freebies found in BIAB.

* Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop, please be creative.

* If your store moves before or during the hunt, please let us know asap, so we can make the needed changes.

* Hunt items have to be hidden so they can be found. Please do not hide them inside other objects.

* The use of the provided hunt path is optional, but strongly suggested if the hunt item is hidden over 30m away from the landing point.

* By putting your name down as contact, you agree to receive notices specific for this hunt through a mailing list. You can not be removed from this list before the hunt ends.


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