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MelNaKa Events Group

The inworld MelNaKa Events group is free to join and a the place for hunters to ask questions concerning the hunt and for help if they have an issue during a hunt. Also a nice chit chat once in a while is no problem in this group. But keep it nice, don’t swear,  don’t harass people or that kind of things. Oh and don’t give direct links to the hunt gifts through this group because that will spoil the hunt. We do not tolerate spam but vendors in our hunt are allowed to sent out notecards through our group. However to protect the group from becoming a advertisement group only, there are a few rules.

  • Vendors only get permission to advertise when there is a hunt going on and they have to be a participant in that hunt.
  • Golden Star Holders are allowed to advertise through our group whether there is a hunt going on or not, whether they are participating in the hunt or not.
  • For both Vendors and Golden Star holders there is a limit of one group notice per 24 hours. However, if you have a sponsor slot in our hunt you are allowed 2 notices per 24 hours during this hunt.
  • Notices that are sent out through our group must be suitable for all ages.
  • Of course you are allowed to show your gifts for other hunts then the MelNaKa Hunts. However it is not allowed to promote hunts you are organizing yourself by sending out application forms.
  • We preserve the right to take away the possibility to send out notices at all times (for individuals or the entire group) if we feel the rules are not followed or respected.

To join our MelNaKa Events group, paste the following link in your chat and click to open the group info


Since we can’t check the group every day, vendors please let us know you joined and ask us for your rights to sent out group notices. Also contact us if you have any questions.

Melody Ballinger and Najara Fall
MelNaKa Events


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