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Hunt Hints

Hello Hunters,

Below you find the stops in the Camping Trip Hunt. Hope you will enjoy it. Some Vendors have separate female and male gifts, lots of stores have unisex gifts. That makes this hunt a hunt that is interesting for male and female hunters. If you get stuck during the hunt you can always join our MelNaKa Events Group and ask for help. If there is nobody online in the group to help you right away, you can skip a store by clicking the number infront of the next store inline and you can come back later.

#001 See Hintgiver at the shop.

#002 The smallest beast holds your gift – for now!

#003 Look down….

#004 Smell the flowers!

#005 When camping, it is the SIMPLE things that count!

#006 Oooppp! Gacha!

#007 Where the animals are our friends – Once you get hooked on camping, you’ll never like the City again (Ray Stevens: The Camping Trip).

#008 You will find me near what’s meant to float.

#009 Tiptoe to the tulips.

#010 Anything is possible with three doors and a globe.

#011 Don’t forget to pack your Sweater Dress for those chilly nights by the fire!

#012 Not ready yet, please skip for now.

#013 See hintgiver at the shop.

#014 When you find me say meow I gacha.

#015 Camping??? HMMM The Naughty Naught store only has two pair of jeans…..find them.

#016 Is it time to go camping yet???

#017 This looks like a great place to warm up and relax.

#018 Hanging quilts/flags could be great idea for front yard spring decorating !

#019 Please check the hint giver.

#020 I saw a bunny while hiking.

#021 For a good camping trip we need some fire.

#022 Big Circle.

#023 Take a bow before the curtain closes.

#024 Let’s camp here in the shade of this hydrangea!

#025 Making me dizzy.

#026 A camping trip is a great way to Welcome Spring!

#027 There’s a camping trip planned. In the woods it’s dark. What a fright. Think I’d rather stay at home, enjoy Some ROMANCE. Popcorn! MOVIE NIGHT!! (Adult Sim)

#028 We like to camp out by the lake and catch the cool breezes in the late afternoon (Adult Sim)

#029 Not ready yet, please skip for now.

#030 3 Stars hang proud in the store.

#031 I have learned how to plant coastal hay, fertilize and bale it.

#032 These Assorted Standing animations will be a big hit on your camping trip.

#033 With the Zodiac Textures.

#034 I found a nice secluded spot to camp out with Elise.

#035 Check the Hunt Hints to know of where to camping we will go…..

#036 Using your map, the next leg on your journey will bring you Northeast of Montauk.

#037 Not ready yet, please skip for now.

#038 Yee Haw.

#039 I dream I´m in heaven!

#040 Go out back and you will see something comfy and cozy to go camping in.

#041 Best part about camping is being one with nature. Put your head in the clouds and find me here.

#042 I like to relax like this in nature.

#043 Birds take to flight, but that’s not the flight you’re looking for.

#044 “Good to find a camping place in the pink orchard” (Warning: Use the right click button on your mouse and then click buy, otherwise you might end up buying the Lavender Field)

#045 heck Sheydays section.I am under the joiner.

#046 It were the otters all along.

#047 Just find me a white dress.

#048 As you rest you may win a prize.

#049 Go outside and see the new Atrium’s!

#050 Take a brick, drink a coffee and see the bags.

#051 Dropped out last minute, please go to #052.

#052 Don’t ask your office junior to plan the camping trip or you will see red!

#053 All this food makes me so hungry!

#054 Not ready yet, please skip for now.

#055 Find me inside the tent.

#056 The fire feels so warm!

#057 I always love a good fire while camping!

#058 Only 50 Linden…

#059 Find the autumn fox.

#060 “On Flickr”

#061 One, two, buckle my shoe…

#062 Are you feeling Lucky? Then Have a seat!

#063 Just sneaking around a display… (Adult Sim)

#064  Everyone loves Hamsters! (Adult Sim)

#065 This Camping trip takes you to floor 11 to an art adventure.  Look for a green hill.

#066 I think I will camp between Ireland and Scotland….or at least between their bars.

#067 Summertime Picnic.

#068 Hiding under the rainbow!

#069 Better camp near the water, behind a big build. All destinations are good!

#070 Stay in the great outdoors…. walk past a lot of doors… find giant statues keep your nose to the ground.

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